21 Week Update

May 21, 2107 – 21 weeks

Baby is as long as a banana from crown to rump this week. And speaking of bananas, when I eat one baby may be tasting it as well. My amniotic fluid changes based on what I eat, and baby’s been gulping that fluid down! Full-term babies have been shown to swallow over a pint of amniotic fluid per day. Thirsty little guy! This fluid provides him with calories and nutrients. It also helps him practice swallowing and digesting.

Let’s talk about these eyes of mine. I’ve always had pretty good vision with the exception of the time I lied on the eye exam in 5th grade to get glasses because I thought they were cool. I eventually got glasses (For real) in college to help me see the board in class and driving at night. Recently though, I strain while watching TV and have noticed my glasses not seeming as strong anymore. I was about to go in for an eye exam and some new lenses but was glad I looked up information on pregnancy and vision. Apparently, your eye sight can change due to changes in hormones, metabolism, fluid retention, and blood circulation. The minor vision changes appear to be temporary and now is not the best time to invest in new glasses or contacts. So for now, I will just have to wear my glasses a bite more often!

Funny that this week the baby is the size of a carrot (or banana depending where you read) and carrots are meant to help our vision, right? Here is this weeks bump update: