42 Week Update

Things have been crazy the past 14 days. We have already learned so much. There was a lot that we had ready to use for baby and other things we hadn’t even opened/washed yet. Things I found to be used the most were his newborn onesies with the mitten cuff, swaddles, and boppy. I have also gotten a lot of use of my medela pump which was completely covered by insurance!

Speaking of pumping, breast feeding has been the hardest task so far. In the hospital, Luca kept falling asleep while I was nursing and then waking up every 30-60 minutes to eat again, and I felt like he wasn’t getting enough to eat. The nurse suggested I pumped to see how much we were getting and to feed him sometimes by bottle. We found that to be a little less painful on me and good because Andre could feed the baby too. Once at home, I pumped as well because it seemed to be faster and again, less painful. However, I ended up with mastitis possibly from overproduction from pumping or from not being able to heal from constant feedings. I ended up meeting with a Lactation Consultant which was amazing. She confirmed that Luca was latching well and that we were doing things right, but suggested we slow down on pumping after the infection was gone and focus on breast feeding. She also gave me a nipple shield to try and protect me so I could finally heal. 3 days later and I am feeling much better. I don’t think I will stop pumping completely because I like being able to have extra milk in case he doesn’t get enough at one feeding with me and so daddy can help at night as needed.

The other hard thing ¬†for us was swaddling at first. It is definitely an art form! But Andre has truly mastered it and get Luca back to sleep easily when he swaddles him (not so much for me!!) And sleeping– Luca is sleeping in his crib all night long! Sometimes he sleeps 2+ hours at a time and we have even gotten some 4+ hours. We are really lucky as he’s an overall easy baby. Hopefully that stays true!