10 week update

3/4/2017 – 10 weeks

Baby is graduating from the “embryonic period” and entering the “fetal period.” Our peanut is about the size of a walnut. The fingers and toes are becoming more defined, with tiny little nails growing in. Soft, fine hair (called lanugo) is now covering its skin.

We had our big doctor’s visit on Friday and it went really well. We had a sonogram and got to see little peanut! I am measuring exactly 10 weeks, and the doctor said the baby looks great. We had blood work, meetings with the clinical coordinator, and more. The appointment was really informative and helpful. We learned that the you can get a variety of pre-natal vitamins, but that it is vital to have ones with DHA for our little baby’s brain. We also learned that the lunch meet is fine, what medicines are “okay” during pregnancy, and that I can continue working out the way I have been previously.

We made a follow up appointment in 12 weeks and then we will have monthly appointments. I am still feeling pretty good besides being tired and a little moody 😳. I think a bump may be forming or I might just be bloated…. lol, but expect belly pictures to come in the next weeks. That’s it for now!!