40 Week Update 

Luca Jacques Lama arrived at 6:08 on 9/29/17 (40 weeks exactly). He weighed 8 pounds, 13 ounces and was 21 inches long.  We are so in love with him.

Here is how it happened:

Thursday 9/28/17 11 am: I had my weekly doctor appointment today with one of my favorite obgyns (we had seen 11 different doctors). I was going to ask her the protocol on how late they let people go after the due date etc. We had talked previously about inducing me at 39 weeks for my low platelets but since they had been stable, I didn’t think it was much or an issue. She walked right in and said, “why haven’t we induced you yet?” (As I had seen a different doc the past two weeks since you don’t know who will deliver you). She and I decided that the sooner the better in case my platelets fell any lower and I needed any kind of spinal anesthesia. She booked me for that night at 5:00 to begin the process at the hospital and said that she would be delivering him tomorrow. I called Andre and told him we had to get ready to go today. I had everything packed but still felt anxious about heading to the hospital. This was it- go time!!

2:00 pm we had a nice big lunch as they told me that I couldn’t eat once I got to the hospital. We hurried home to pack up the car and finalize things (who would watch the dog, etc). I called the hospital at 4:00 to confirm our time and was told to wait until 7:00 now because they had a bunch of deliveries come in. So here we were ready to go and now had to wait.

7:00 pm We got to the hospital and waited for our room. We had lots of questions, vitals, etc. before they began the cervical ripening agent. I had 3 doses every 4 hours over the night. I was only 1 cm dilated when we came in so we knew there was a lot to go. We watched a bunch of movies and tried to sleep but being hooked up to a million things and thinking of the day to come, sleep was hard to come by.

9/29/17 7:00 am Andre and I were finally asleep when my doctor came in and woke us up. She got right to work and broken my water. They started me on anti biotics due to being step-b positive and started the pitocin. The morning wasn’t too bad as I used my breathing exercises we learned in class as the contractions got worse. I slowly moved to 3 and 4 cm dilated as they upped the pitocin. We continued to watch movies and I did some crosswords to distract myself. Unfortunately as the afternoon came, my contractions were much worse and closer together. My nurse was really great and helped coach me through the tougher contractions.

2:30 pm I was 6 cm dilated at this point. I asked for an epidural. My plan was to try and do this without the epidural but I was absolutely miserable with the pitocin making the contractions so close together and strong. At that point, they had to re-draw my blood for a most recent platelet count as the anesthesiogt wouldn’t do the epidural if it was lower than 100. 30 minutes later it came back at 100 so we called the anesthesiologist who said he would do it.

3:30 pm The epidural was placed and I soon felt calmer. By 4:00 I was 10 cm dilated. My doctor was in a c-section so my amazing nurse placed a peanut ball under me to help the baby descend and make pushing easier. I took a little nap and prepared to start pushing.

5:15 pm The nurse and Andre helped me begin pushing. They each had to hold me up because I couldn’t feel my legs. By 5:45 the doctor came in. Everyone was really supportive coaching me and at 6:08 Luca was here.

Overall, the day was long and tough but it went really well and we got the greatest gift at the end of it.