The Big News


2/12/2017 – 7 weeks

This is a massive growth week for baby! It will start week 7 around the size of a pea, and then double in size to something more like a blueberry. The little buds for it’s arms and legs are pronounced, and you can even see some definition where the hands and feet will form. Facially, baby’s eyes and nostrils are taking shape. Baby’s brain continues to grow quickly—each minute, she adds over 100 new brain cells. By next week, little smarty-pants will have developed over a million new brain cells!

The news has been shared and all are excited!

We told Andre’s family over dinner Sunday evening. I knew his sister and brother already knew… When we walked in, Vince asked if I wanted beer or wine. I told him “no thanks” and that I just wanted some water. He about stopped breathing at my response! (lol) I had forgotten to pretend just a little longer. Luckily, his parents missed this conversation. While eating, I gave Natalie a card stating that it was just another birthday card, and then I told Andre’s mother I had a card for her too. She opened it up and began to cry. She eagerly, through tears, told Jacques that we were having a baby. Her crying made me cry and it was just an exciting, emotional, happy moment. They were beyond thrilled to hear the good news. We told Isabella and Sophia that they were finally getting the baby cousin they had been asking for!

When we wanted to tell my parents, they were at our tree farm clearing some wood. I wasn’t sure that they would even have service out there, but I am so glad they did! We FaceTimed my parents after sending a video of the card, onesie, and pregnancy test. My mom was crying and my dad seemed shocked. It was very exciting to tell them that their first grandchild was on his or her way!  I told them how I was feeling, the due date, etc. I later sent videos to both of my sisters and told them they were becoming aunts! Again they were both excited and pretty surprised. I don’t think anyone expected the news this quickly (including us!) Now let’s see if everyone can keep this a secret until our second trimester.

I am feeling about the same through week 6-7. I am really hoping that this morning sickness doesn’t show up!

3 more weeks until we see little peanut.