6 week update

2/4/2017 – 6 Weeks

Baby is the size of a sweet pea. It has a tail, the heart is pumping at over 100 bpm, and vital organs are developing. Early brain chambers have formed, and the main sections of are established.

This week has been pretty uneventful. I am still feeling relatively the same other than some mood swings, break outs, and frequent bathroom breaks. We made an appointment for our first ultrasound and blood work for March 4th with a new doctor that we found. The previous one didn’t give me the best vibes and his hours weren’t conducive to my Friday’s off. I would love to ask our local friends in this area for advice on OBGYN’s since we haven’t established any doctors, but I also think that kind of question will make them ask if we are expecting (and we aren’t ready to tell anyone yet). I’m feeling pretty positive about this new doctor and eager for the appointment.

We have gone back and forth when to tell our immediate family the news–thinking we could wait until the first ultrasound, wait until we are in the second trimester, or just tell them right away. We decided that we don’t really want to wait another month to announce the news to our parents and definitely can’t wait two more months… so we have decided that we will start telling our family in the next couple of days. We’ve created some cards and bought a little Llama onesie so we will let you know how the news goes over. Hopefully everyone can keep this a secret!

Here is how we plan to share the news: