The Doctor Says…

1/27/2017 – 5 weeks

I made an obgyn appointment for the five week mark so that we could confirm the pregnancy and have some questions answered. I was somewhat nervous but excited. André and I came up with a list of important questions that we wanted to be answered.

The nurse took me in and asked me a million questions. We ran some tests and it came back that yes, I was very much pregnant. The doctor came in and asked me some more questions and gave me some information. I tried to make a note of everything in my head but I really wanted a pen and paper to be writing this all down. He asked me if I had any more questions and I said “Yes… can you please hand me that notebook on my chair?” He laughed a little at my Type A personality of bringing in a list of questions, but was eager to answer them. I wrote all notes I could so that I could go home and share with André what I had learned.

I found out that I would have to wait until 18-20 weeks to find out the gender, I shouldn’t color my hair until 5 months, I should drink two glasses of milk a day for baby, I could have one cup of coffee a day, tylenol was okay for headaches, and that my dizziness, headache, cramping was all normal. I’ve had some lovely pregnancy acne show up as well.

I also asked him the best time to announce our pregnancy and he said 14 weeks! …of course we can not keep the secret that long from our parents and siblings, but it would be best to not tell others until we were in the clear in 9 more weeks. That means we have to keep this a secret for 2 more months! That means two more months of André drinking double as he covers for me–anyone seen that episode of How I Met Your Mother?

Anyways- we set up an appointment for 3 weeks later so that we could have an ultrasound and see this little peanut. Three weeks seems like forever, but surely it will be here before we know it!