We’re Pregnant!!

1/20/2017 – 4 weeks

I woke up knowing this was the day I could do my first pregnancy test. I sat down, did my thing, and then was left waiting. I was a little scared about this huge journey, but also hopeful that we would be lucky enough to conceive. Minutes later, the two lines showed up and it was real…really real. We were going to have a baby! Instantly, I wanted to tell André, but I also wanted to tell him in a cute, exciting way. Then I thought, I want to call everyone and tell them! I wanted to tell everyone I saw that day. However, I reminded myself that unfortunately things do happen and there was a lot to overcome before announcing our news.

I went to the web to look up some things because, really, I had no idea what to expect or do next. I quickly learned that I would skip my coffee that day- just in case… and next that our baby was expected to come late September. SEPTEMBER?! How could that be? It seemed so close and surreal but also so far away as I thought about milestones like finding out the sex of our baby, growing a big bump, and finally meeting little peanut.

As André came home from work, I had a little sign and cupcakes waiting for him to announce the news. He was speechless and then told me “shut up”, “no way”, and so on. I told him, yes, yes, it’s really true- we have made a little baby inside of me. Together, we thought, this is crazy… is this real…? We decided to go celebrate and have dinner just the two of us. We were about to embark on the biggest journey of our lives.