34 Week Update

8/19/2017 – 34 Weeks

We got to see the little man once more this week! He is estimated to weigh 5.6 pounds. Everything with baby is looking great. With me, however, my platelet count continues to drop. What does that mean? It’s called Thrombocytopenia which is a low blood platelet count and is found in 7-12% of all pregnancies. The biggest effect that this would have on me is that I might not be able to have an epidural or spinal block. Hopefully I can get through labor without either one, but we will meet with the hospital’s anesthesiologist to learn more about our options.

In regards to baby, he is continuing to grow and so am I… which means I am running out of clothes again. My friend who is also pregnant joked with me that the dryer keeps shrinking our clothes! Good thing I only have 6 weeks left and hopefully enough to squeeze into in that time. I have found that dresses are the easiest thing to wear these days and bought some a size up in the past few months. Thank goodness for sales at Target!

Here are some photos of our little man: