30 Week Update 

7/24/2017 – 30 weeks

Tipping the scales at 3 pounds and stretching in at 16.5 inches long, Baby Lama continues to bulk up. From this point forward, he will gain about a half a pound per week. Go baby! As baby gains more fat, his skin will look smoother and less wrinkly. Meanwhile, his brain is doing the opposite; it’s going from a smooth surface texture to the more wrinkly appearance that we all think of when we think “brain.” Why? To pack in more brain cells, as the wrinkled look allows for greater brain area and mass. One new thing baby’s doing with that increased brain mass is regulating his body temperature. Which means that he doesn’t need the fine hair that has covered her body (called lanugo) anymore. 

We hit the 30 week mark!!

This was an eventful week! My parents and sister came to town for the baby shower that my sister/Mother-in-law was having. We had a wonderful time with close friends and family at Tata and Sido’s house (grandma and grandpa Lama). The theme was “Little Man” with bowties and mustaches! There was an assortment of food that my mother-in-law made all of herself. We had some traditional arabic food (hummus, baba ganoush, stuffed tomatoes, kibbeh), meat skewers, shrimp pasta, an assortment of appetizers, and of course some delicious desserts (cake, baklava, cookies). My sister made two games for the event that were just adorable. The first is a matching game of mom to baby animals and the second was a song guessing game related to “baby” titles. See below for these great baby shower ideas! It was a wonderful day celebrating Baby Lama. We cannot wait to meet him in a short two months time.


My mother in law who made everything from scratch!!


some of the food!


Hummus, Baba Ghanoush, Olive Tray