13 Week Update

3/25/2017 – 13 Weeks

This week, baby is the size of a lemon, and it is looking sweeter than ever. Measured crown to rump, it is about 3 inches long. Its head occupies half of that length, but this will be changing. The baby’s organs are on the move. It’s crazy to think about, but until now, the intestines have been developing outside of the body, and inside the umbilical cord. But starting this week, they’re migrating to their more permanent home inside its body.

We have entered the second trimester, and I am starting to show a bump! I made the announcement at work with the girls on Wednesday as it will get harder for me to hide this growing belly. I baked some Easter egg cookies and had a sign that said “Some bunny is egg-specting! Guess who!” They loved it.

We also finished our family phone calls and made an official social media announcement. We are getting so much love from friends close and far; it is a really fun and exciting time. As my belly grows, I am starting to have to find some new clothes or wear the pants that were once too big on me. I even started to look for some maternity jeans!


Work cookies


Our announcement


13 weeks