8 month update

Luca has a new house. He loves his pool and backyard! It took a few nights to get used to sleeping in his new room but now we are back to 11-12 hours of uninterrupted sleep. He continues to crawl like crazy and attempts to stand up. He is eating five times a day still (6 oz milk) as well as three times of solids. 


7 month update

Mr. Big Guy is 7 months!! He’s weighing in around 19 pounds and 29 inches. He is crawling now with full force and pulling himself up to stand. We had to lower the crib to the lowest setting. He is still a super happy guy who loves to eat and be around people. He hasn’t gotten any teeth in yet. He was baptized this month! Natalie/Vince and Erin/Kevin stood as his godparents/christian witnesses. We’ve moved into our new home so his bedroom now has carpeting. We also bought some new rugs to give him more space to crawl with a little cushion. He continues to love the food I make for him- avocado, spinach, carrots, sweet potato, butternut squash, pear, and oatmeal!


6 month update

Luca made it to half a year!! He is trying to hard to crawl, but isn’t quite there yet. He is eating a ton of new foods – mango, strawberry, avocado, butternut squash, sweet potato… he isn’t a huge fan of the carrots. He graduated swim class so they had him swim under water for the first time. He was so good and didn’t swallow any water! He also discovered grass when we went for a walk and really liked the feeling of it on his hands. He met the Easter bunny but did not cry; he seemed to like him actually! He also started sleeping on his stomach. 


5 month update

Luca is five months old!! He is rolling from his back to belly. He started eating food that I am making him- bananas and carrots so far! We left him for the first time over night to go to Cabo for my good friend’s wedding. It was really hard to leave but ended up being a great trip for us. He is making tons of new noises including a screaming sound which seems to surprise him. He has discovered Harvey and is in love with him, giggling when he licks his hands and smiling when he runs around the living room. He loves his jumper and putting everything in his mouth.IMG_0012IMG_0063IMG_0068IMG_0080IMG_0140IMG_0249IMG_0311IMG_0407IMG_0427IMG_0453IMG_0478IMG_0659IMG_0690IMG_4537IMG_9307IMG_9323IMG_9437IMG_9662IMG_9740IMG_9812IMG_0825


1 month update

Luca is 1 month old! He weighs 11 pounds, 4 ounces and is 22 inches long.

It has been a long month of very little sleep! The first two weeks were definitely the hardest, especially the first night home from the hospital. Luca was awake almost every hour! We would dread going to bed at night because we knew it would be a  night of constant waking, feeding, changing, re-swaddling, and putting back to sleep. As Luca has gotten bigger, he can eat more and sleep longer, giving us 3-5 hour stretches! Daddy is the master swaddler and insists on changing his diaper very frequently. Mommy is getting the hang of nursing which is a relief because it was a hard start! Seeing a lactation consultant and attending breast feeding support groups were life changing though! Luca celebrated his first Halloween (one of my favorite holidays!)IMG_5656IMG_3148IMG_4496IMG_3412IMG_3430IMG_3046IMG_2787IMG_3064IMG_3356tempImageForSave 2tempImageForSave


2 month

Luca is 2 months old! He weighs 13 pounds, 2 ounces and is 24 inches long!

He celebrated mommy’s 29th birthday, had his Aunt Megan and Uncle Ryan come visit, and enjoyed the last month of having mommy and daddy home with him. He celebrated his first Thanksgiving as well! He’s beginning to smile, doing lots of tummy time, and spending many hours asleep still. He has lots of baby acne (from my milk), and some cradle cap. He also had some breast feeding jaundice. Nothing to worry about and all will pass with time! We’ve started to venture out a little bit more and can definitely do so now that we have our 2 month shots!!!¬†24232098_10212599034468699_8715443010212802201_n23559848_10212512147136570_3236449335960412347_n23561826_10212512154016742_3992612209601718596_n


3 month

Luca is 26 inches and 15 pounds, 3 ounces.

He rolls over, stays awake longer, and is finally eating about every 3 hours giving mommy a break. He has slept 8 hours straight but typically gives us 6-7 hours before waking mommy up to eat. He has his first Christmas and took his first flight to Chicago. He was amazing on his airplane ride. He slept the majority of the time and barely noticed the pressure changes. He got to meet his great-grandmother and aunts, uncles, and cousins. We didn’t get to see snow but maybe next time. He had his first Christmas with both sides of the family and definitely got the most presents of anybody! He got to meet Santa Claus this month too! It’s been a busy December!26168902_10212816885514839_610733900648710159_n24909956_10156795731482977_2569880501753008586_n25289325_10212714044423876_3177375624493788728_n25594232_10156839670462977_8040746046220294208_n26055871_10156842511527977_6870732814096387450_n