35 Week Update

8/25/17 – 35 Weeks

Babies are on average 5.5 pounds and 20 inches long this week. Back at 20 weeks, baby was only about 2% body fat. Now that number’s closer to 15%, and it will reach around 35% by birth. Expect a soft, squishy little chub! Something else that stays soft is baby’s skull. This is to accommodate baby’s rapidly growing brain, but more importantly, to make it easier for you to birth the little guy! The soft skull will change shape, or “mould,” during delivery, which accounts for the cone-headed appearance some babies get. But don’t worry, baby’s skull reverts back to its normal shape within a few days.

One thing I started was packing the bag for the hospital. Anywhere from 35-37 weeks you should start packing your bag just in case the little one comes early. You can pack two bags- one for the delivery room and one for the baby/mother suite following. But what is it that we actually need to pack?

  • Photo ID, insurance info, hospital forms and a birth plan (if you have one). Most hospitals will let you pre-register online!
  • Eyeglasses (if you wear them)
  • Cell phone chargers
  • Two or three pairs of warm, nonskid socks (for walking the halls before and after labor)
  • A warm robe or sweater you don’t mind sacrificing to the cause
  • Chapstick and lotion (hospitals are very dry)
  • Headband or ponytail holder
  • Sugar-free hard candy or lozenges to keep your mouth moist during labor (candy with sugar will make you thirsty)
  • Non-perishable snacks and change for the vending machines
  • Toiletries and personal items: hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, face wash, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, contact lens case and solution (remember, travel-sized products are your friends)
  • Loose, lightweight clothing (maternity wards can often be hot)
  • Comfortable going-home clothes in six-month maternity sizes, and flat shoes

Other Optional hospital bag checklist items for mom

  • Very light reading (think magazines and newspapers, not War and Peace)
  • Earbuds to listen to music or speaker system
  • A comfy pillow from home (with a case that can get ruined, in a pattern distinguishable from hospital white)
  • A few pairs of maternity underwear; hospital should give you some disposable pairs
  • A ruin-able nightgown (you can use those lovely hospital gowns, but your own might help you feel more human)
  • Breastfeeding pillow
  • Nipple cream
  • Some basic makeup and make up remover if you want some pictures taken
  • Sandals for the shower
  • Swim suit for the shower if you want the nurse or someone to assist you.
  • Medications (hospital provides you with them, but you can also bring your own).
  • Dry shampoo
  • Portable fan
  • Exercise ball (the hospital should have some, but you may want your own).

Hospital Bag Checklist for Baby: the hospital will have a lot of the stuff that you “need” but here are some things you still need and some that you may just want.

  • Approved infant car seat
  • A coming-home outfit (bring clothes in different sizes to make sure they fit!) Remember the hospital will be cold and so will baby!!
  • Warm blankets (for the ride home)
  • If you have a preference on diapers, formula, bottles, bring those things as well.

Hospital Bag Checklist for Partner: You’ve meticulously gone through the hospital bag checklist for mom and baby—but don’t forget about packing a bag for your partner! Since you’ll both likely be spending a night or two (or more) in the maternity ward, gather up some overnight essentials—plus a few things to keep your partner occupied (labor can last for a good long while). Here’s what to put in your partner’s hospital bag:

  •  Cell phone, laptop, chargers
  • A change of clothes (underwear, pants, shirts, jacket in case it’s cold)
  • Toiletries: toothbrush, deodorant, face wash, shampoo, conditioner, contact lens case and solution
  • Snacks
  • Entertainment, whether it’s something to read, listen to or watch
  • Camera or video camera with batteries, charger and an extra memory card
  • Any daily prescription medication

Here is this weeks photo. What in the world is a Durian?!



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