31 Week Update 

7/28/17 – 31 Weeks

Baby is up to 3.5 pounds and 17 inches long—and looking more and more like a newborn. All this new weight is giving baby that “pleasantly plump” appearance that makes you just wanna squeeze those cheeks and attack him with kisses. Other adorable developments: Baby’s fingernails and toenails are formed, and the hair on his head is in place—if he has any. Baby’s ears are fully developed, and he’s listening to everything that’s going on inside your body (heartbeat, blood flow), as well as what’s outside your body, like conversations and music. Internally, baby’s bone marrow is now producing red blood cells, which his liver was previously doing.

We’ve been getting a lot of advice over the pregnancy.

Here are just a few tips we have gotten and our perspective on them:

  1. The number 1 word of advice is to sleep. Get our sleep while we can because we are never going to sleep again.
  2. Let the baby sleep in your room when he’s born to make it easy for those night time feedings. I personally disagree with this advice. From much of what I have read, I found that by having the baby start in his crib at the beginning, the sooner he will sleep through the night on his own.
  3. Pump before you give birth so that you can get your milk supply going. This one I found to be wrong from some internet searches, but also when I asked my obgyn.  The truth is: Colostrum continues to be produced until at least 72hrs after birth, regardless of breast pumping before delivery. It can be very harmful to begin pumping too soon before labor actually begins because you can stimulate the hormones putting you into early labor.
  4. Keep date nights after the baby comes. I think that it will be really important for Andre and I to try to live our life as similar as possible and have our baby join in what we enjoy doing. Obviously things change, but we want to still be us and have time for “us”.


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