26 Week Update

6/23/2017 – 26 Weeks

Baby is almost 2 pounds now, which is to say, he weighs about as much as a pineapple. And at 14 inches from crown to foot, he’s just about as tall as a pineapple too (including the leaves at the top). The big news this week is that baby is “breathing” now—inhaling and exhaling your amniotic fluid—which is great practice for that first miraculous gulp of actual air. Another cool piece of news is that if baby were born right now, he’d have a very good chance of surviving with plenty of neonatal care. But we’re not going to dwell on any outcome like that. Full term, baby! Full term. Baby probably recognizes my voice by now and can be comforted or excited by it (which can be detected by baby’s heart rate).

With all the fun things going on (baby showers, weddings, maternity photos) during pregnancy, where is a gal to get these clothes. For work clothes, I found a lot of options at Motherhood Maternity. They have frequent sales, so try not to ever buy anything full priced! I’ve done a lot of online stuff as well as in store. They also had some bathing suit options and a great white dress for our maternity photos in a month. Also, I found that the outlet store carried the exact same clothing as the regular store and that they have the same promos. So don’t go out of your way to find an outlet if you have a regular store by you!

For dresses, I love Pink Blush! Again they have a ton of sales (20% off frequently and a whole sale section), so try to wait it out before buying full priced items. They have free shipping which says 6-11 business days, but usually it comes a lot faster. Returns are not free which stinks (you pay for shipping, unless its an exchange for size).

There are always your basic options like Old Navy and Target, but I find it harder to find sale items there. Old Navy also had limited sizing online. There hardest things to find have been activewear as they seem a little pricey for me. I bought some bottoms a size up, but they are baggy in the wrong places or don’t sit well. There are some great things that you can obviously still buy that aren’t “maternity”. The skirt in this week’s picture is from TJ Maxx and the shirt is from Old Navy.



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